Restaurant Reco: L’Patron

You’re hungry, you’re not looking to spend major cash, and you’re in the mood for something interesting. If you’re in Chicago, find your way over to L’Patron in Logan Square, at 3749 W Fullerton Ave. It’s an authentic, no frills Taqueria with insanely delicious Mexican food. They do not have a website, but they are on Yelp here. A place like this doesn’t really need a website or a cool Instagram feed. You find out about it from a friend of a friend and if you’re willing to venture outside your normal restaurant routine, it’s definitely worth the trek.

They have your typical tacos and burritos, chips and guac, but they also have tortas, and the “gringa” and “gringo,” almost like a quesadilla but just so much better than that since they make their tortillas in house.

Here is a rundown of what we ordered.

Guac 1

The chips and guac were a necessity. The guac was perfectly chunky and the avocado was super fresh. It comes with dried cranberries on top which was an interesting but delicious touch.

We also ordered two tacos which I didn’t even snap a picture of because we ate them so quickly. We ordered the Poblanos Rajas (roasted poblano peppers, caramelized onions, cheese, with salsa) and the Camaron (beer-battered shrimp topped with roasted serrano aioli dressed cabbage, and fresh pico). The Poblano taco was so cheesy and delicious, which was surprising because I’m usually all about the al pastor and carne asada tacos. I would definitely recommend this veggie option.

melty tortilla

The “gringa” is that gooey delicious looking number right in the middle of the above picture. It truly is like the king of all quesadillas. Its filled with amazing melty cheese and carne al pastor. Fried on the flat top, the cheese oozes out of the handmade tortilla and creates this insane crispy edge which you just have to go and taste to believe.

IMG_0764 2.jpg

The steak burrito was delicious. Tender steak, with really creamy refried beans and crunch fresh lettuce, among other classic burrito ingredients. Alas, neither of us could come close to finishing it because we were so stuffed, so we had to take it home as leftovers.

Some may call this a “hole in the wall,” others may call it a neighborhood staple. I’m going to call it some unexpectedly great Mexican food that is totally worth your time, and doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Pro tip: get there early if you’re going on the weekend- you order at a counter and tables are first come first serve, so don’t roll in with your 10 best friends thinking you’ll find a place to sit.

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