Restaurant Reco: Clever Rabbit

On Saturday, I woke up in a Chicago winter wonderland, and was so happy to have brunch plans with some girlfriends to get me out of the house (otherwise I would’ve stayed in my typical Saturday state- wrapped in a blanket and watching Gilmore Girls). I was so excited to have brunch at a new place I’ve been dying to try in Wicker Park, Clever Rabbit. They describe themselves as a “veggie-centric” restaurant with “thoughtfully sourced” ingredients. And I think is a perfect way to describe their food.

The vibe was great- the whole restaurant flooded with natural light from the snow outside, with cool artwork and a a great playlist to go along with it. The food was really yummy. This is a great place for brunch and not overcrowded and loud, like a lot of other brunch places I’ve been to. Here’s a rundown of what we ordered.

Smoked Salmon Benedict

This dish was your typical benedict set up. English muffin, poached eggs, smoked salmon as the protein. This particular one was topped with fried capers and pickled onions which were the perfect salty and acidic ways to break up the richness of the eggs and hollandaise. 

and served with a side of crispy potatoes (a dream)

My other girlfriends ordered a range of things. One order of a bright green kale salad with apples, which was crunchy and fresh. Another order was the breakfast burrito, which we all agreed could’ve used a little more pizzaz. The fourth order was the special on the menu, the caramelized onion quiche. It came out served in the ramekin that it was baked in (non-traditional for a quiche which is usually served in slices like a pie). But my friend who ordered it said it was really delicious. Get there soon to order it before they take it off the menu!

And lastly, the star of the show.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

These ooey gooey, sweet, cinnamony, buttery pancakes were a dish we all shared. Piled high, served with butter, syrup, and pecans, this was the perfect dish to share. There was no way we could finish these individually. Go to Clever Rabbit for the pancakes, but be ready to take a nap after. 

those pancakes of your dreams

This was a perfect brunch for catching up. The overall atmosphere of Clever Rabbit really made me happy, plus, they were serving my favorite coffee in Chicago, Dark Matter, and I had (no joke) about four cups before I realized I would be awake for the next three days if I didn’t slow down. But I digress. My fellow coffee addicts can relate.

Head to Wicker Park to check out this gem and stuff your face with sweet potato pancakes.

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