Restaurant Reco: RPM Italian

Last night I has the pleasure of going to RPM Italian, a well-renowned Chicago restaurant, part of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group. It’s mainly known for its “sceney” atmosphere, extensive (and expensive) wine list, and its upscale Italian food. Because we were celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, we were looking for a special meal. We are pretty low maintenance but love a nice treat to a fancy dinner every once in a while, and this was just an overall incredible dining experience.

What we drank: Spritz (a nostalgic Italian favorite of ours from when we were both studying abroad in Italy), table-side Old Fashioned, Prosecco

What we ate: truffle garlic bread, burrata, spicy king crab squid ink pasta, carbonara pasta, lamb chop special


Of course we got burrata. Count it- this is the fourth time I’ve written about burrata since I started my blog. Am I ashamed? Not at all. For all of you out there that actually read this, this won’t be the last burrata post, and I hope you enjoy the delicious pics to come. Consider me on the quest for the best burrata in America. We spread the burrata on the truffle garlic bread, and it was basically an out-of-body experience.


For dinner, our favorite thing was easily the spicy king crab squid ink pasta. It was perfectly spicy; not the type that burns your tongue off, but the type that leaves you wanting more. And they didn’t skimp out- there was lots of crab in this dish. If you go, you have to try this. Plus, it’s gorgeous to look at.


The lamb chops were cooked a perfect medium rare. They had some greek spices crusted around the outside (oregano, basil, the works), and they came with a tangy yogurt sauce to cut the saltiness of the meat. This was a great entrée but go in soon to get it because it was a special.


Overall, this meal was delicious. We felt very special, and the atmosphere, our waiter, and our food helped last night to be the perfect birthday celebrations. RPM Italian is definitely a special occasion place, and I’m excited to find another excuse to go back!


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