How fun is that to say? Bibimbap. A traditional Korean dish meaning “mixed rice.” It is typically served in a hot stone bowl. The first layer is rice which gets crispy at the bottom from being on the hot stone. It’s piled high with veggies and protein (if you choose), and a sunny side up egg. I was first introduced to the dish in college. Ann Arbor, Michigan had a few different Korean restaurants where you could get bibimbap, and after introducing my boyfriend to the dish, it has become one of our favorite comfort foods. I haven’t had bibimbap in a year or so, and when my boyfriend suggested we go get some on a rainy night, I was all in. Luckily, there is a restaurant not too far from my apartment, Kameya, that recently opened on Belmont that serves two things at the moment: ramen and bibimbap.

bibimbap | kameya on belmont

If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s a small, fast-casual place, and it’s BYOB. So on a cold rainy Chicago night, head to Kameya and fill your belly with a delicious meal.


What’s your favorite Korean dish?

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