Music City Eats

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of family friends in Nashville, Tennessee. The weekend was full of happy celebrations for the couple, which was mostly drinking and eating. A detox is necessary… just saying. Nashville is known for their hot friend chicken and their BBQ- a lot like other southern cities. This was only my second time in the city, and ended up revisiting a lot of good places with my parents and family.

Friday night when I arrived, we headed to Puckett’s Grocery, a restaurant in the middle of downtown that was just blocks away from our hotel. They’re famous for their southern comfort food, their BBQ, and their live music. We were all starving after traveling all afternoon, and this is the place to fill your belly, and enjoy a cold local beer. Fun fact about Nashville, there are actually some amazing local breweries– and I was happy to try some new IPAs, a favorite beer of my sister and me. The food was delicious, which is what you should expect from a Nashville institution.

BBQ Pork Platter with Coleslaw & Sweet Potato Fries

I had the pulled pork which was tender and flavorful, and paired perfectly with the cool, crunchy coleslaw.  Their barbecue sauce is sweet and tangy- plus they also have a spicy sauce which is great for spice lovers. My mom and sister ordered the Piggy Mac- mac and cheese on top of a skillet of pulled pork. Talk about indulgent!

The Piggy Mac + Craft Beer (Photo Cred: Katie Pepe)

After this grand meal, we headed to The Big Bang. It’s an amazing dueling piano bar on Broadway in Nashville. The families of the Bride and Groom rented out a section of the huge bar, and we sang our hearts out all night to the hits that the musicians banged out on the keys. The next morning, we needed a good breakfast to prepare us for the wedding in the afternoon. We headed to Acme Feed & Seed, a huge 4-story bar at the end of Broadway near the river. At night, this place is packed with country music lovers, bachelorette parties, and Vanderbilt student alike. On a Saturday morning, however, they have a good southern-style brunch menu and an solid bloody mary.


Feeling revitalized by the booze- um, I mean, the food.. we headed to a bar called Double Dogs to watch some college football. Packed wall to wall with Georgia and Vandy fans, we didn’t get seated for about 45 minutes. What helped the time pass were the ENORMOUS, ice-cold beers (which were only $3 a piece!). Once we did get seated, we were able to order some apps to hold us over, including nachos that were served in a dog bowl! So cute for a “dog-themed” bar. A great place to watch games with a big group.

The wedding later that day was gorgeous. The Nashville Zoo served at the venue, and it was truly a magical night. Our group loves to dance and sing, and on a hot Nashville night, we danced our hearts out, ate delicious wedding cake, and celebrated the newlyweds.

What are your favorite spots in Music City?




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