Loop Lunch Break

Before I get into today’s post- the sunrise over Lake Michigan was gorgeous this morning. Here’s a picture from my run. What an amazing start to the week here in Chicago.


An unseasonably warm end to September means soaking up the sun during the work day as much as possible. I work near Merchandise Mart and decided to venture across the river for lunch to go get a pokè bowl from Aloha Poke Co. To give you some background, Aloha Poke Co. is a small chain serving Hawaiian-style pokè, which I like to think of as deconstructed sushi in a bowl. I typically order marinated salmon with rice, and add a bunch of toppings. My roommates and I frequent the Aloha on Belmont, and lucky for us our obsession can continue even closer to home on the corner of Halsted & Belmont with a new Firefin Pokè opening up soon! Anyways, back to today’s lunch. Because I am not super familiar with the area, I had no idea that this specific Aloha location was located in the Chicago French Market, located at 131 N. Clinton.


What a pleasant lunch surprise this was! Looking to quickly grab my pokè bowl, the last thing I was expecting was this gorgeous indoor market. I immediately thought of being in Europe (hence “French” market), but this place most closely resembled the amazing Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, PA (which my friend Breanne introduced me to the last time I visited Philly). This Chicago market has 30 local booths that are serving hungry power lunchers anything from lobster rolls from Da Lobsta to warm donuts and coffee from Beavers. I was so excited about finding this not-so-hidden gem for future lunches and food adventures.

What’s on my list for the next time I visit the Chicago French Market? Some sweet treats from Lolli and Pops, and some New York style pizza from Santullos. A little change up in my lunch routine to explore this place made my day so much better. My advice for all those office dwellers out there is that if you have time, explore your food options around your office, because a surprising little adventure could be just around the corner (or if you’re me, across the river).

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